Comix Making @Palm Springs Museum


It's zine season! Drawing Club will be hosting a drop-in, all-ages comics making table from 12-2pm at the Art Zine Micro Fest on Saturday April 20 at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  Participants will receive a resource-rich, 12-page handbook on old school comics making, from character development through page layout.

Ishtar in the Desert

Happy Ishtar/Eostre/Easter!

Drop in tomorrow from 2-3pm for a FREE all-ages Drawing Club mini-workshop. This is the perfect sesh for anyone who thinks they can't draw, those who think they might be able to draw, folks who know they can draw, and everyone in between.

Here's the plan: welcome, warm up, timed interactive drawing and writing games, go outside and explore the desert with a drawing scavenger hunt, come back and make a zine. 

After the workshop I'll be hosting an open drawing table until at least 4pm (might stay longer if the stars align). Come hang out and draw as much as you want, make a zine and explore this beautiful creative wilderness!

Drawing Club + Art Exhibit at NELA Art Walk

Drawing Club is back at the Pop-Hop Books and Print in Highland Park! We've extended the workshop to 3 hours and decided to culminate the afternoon with art show at the NELA Art Walk

Here's the itinerary:

Generate dozens of quirky, nuanced, beautiful, silly, surprising, authentic images through a series of guided drawing games while eating snacks.

Create a title and flyer for our group exhibition to share on social media.

Dinner break to explore lovely Highland Park

Group art show open to the public during the NELA Art Walk. Invite your friends and family! Sell your work! Pad your resume! Handshakes all around for a fun and productive afternoon.

Here's the Facebook link. Please RSVP so we know how many boxes of Cheez-Its and wine to buy!

Totally tubular flyer by the lovely Robbie Pitts. Thanks, Robbie! Check out his epic legacy at

Drawing Club Flyer by Robbie Pitts