Comic Con

I’m thrilled to be speaking on 2 (count them, TWO!) panels at San Diego Comic-Con this week. 

Come see me Thursday alongside fellow teacher Michael Ulrich and two of our high school students, and Saturday with Captured Aural Phantasy Theater. Afterwards we can get soft pretzels and go shopping for 20-sided die together.   

Comic-Con How-To: Helping Teens Use Their Powers to do Good
Thursday July 21, 12:30-1:30 pm
Room 2

The panel will discuss work with at-risk, special needs and incarcerated teenagers that involves the use of sequential and other visual art. The session will include anecdotes, slides of artwork done by Michael Ulrich and his students and present a comic co-created by Michael Ulrich and a student. The panel will center on art as a means of reaching hard-to-reach kids.

Weird Love: Vintage Romance Comics Come Alive
Saturday July 23, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Room 26AB

Weird Comics Live! Make a date with the Golden Age's romance genre and learn how it reflected the strange morals of its time and its relationship to today's comics creators and audiences. Craig Yoe (editor of Weird Lovecomics) leads a juicy discussion with Ben Dickow (guest lecturer, Otis College of Art), Adriana Yugovich (L.A. Zine Fest), and Kristen Simon (former editor at Image Comics) looking at the role of women in these stories, while LA performance group Captured Aural Phantasy Theater dramatically reads from prime examples of this crazy genre.