Drawing Club began in the early 2000s when a group of nerds gathered together once a month to eat pizza and play image-making games inspired by . It has since evolved into a community-building movement of doodling as an intellectual practice.

Drawing Club workshops…ahem, playshops…are packed with idea-generating activities that'll un-train your brain to stop thinking so much and surrender to the power of the pen. Perfect for artists with writer's block, writers with artist's block, emerging and retired cartoonists, or those who just want to get their draw on. 

We also make zines. Loads of beautiful zines. 


Creative Instigator Adriana Yugovich grew up right outside of Detroit, MI.
First she went to the University of Michigan and then to CalArts, where she earned various degrees in Art. After a decade working in Hollywood, she received the calling…and became a public high school teacher. She now works with teenagers in East L.A., teaches a variety of idea-generating workshops in interesting locations, and helps organize L.A. Zine Fest. Her teaching philosophy is anchored in strong values of media literacy, critical pedagogy and restorative justice, and she loves hot dogs.